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If your child feels like they're falling behind in a certain subject, we can help. WIT Academy provides tutoring services for kids in Lafayette, LA that are in kindergarten through eighth grade.

You don't have to worry about teachers moving too fast or your child not being able to hear in a noisy classroom any longer. We can help your child reach their academic goals. We'll test them to see where they need assistance with mathematics and English. Once our teachers figure out your child's academic level, we'll implement a custom tutoring program to help improve their mathematic or reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

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Learn more about our tutoring services

Learn more about our tutoring services

Choose WIT Academy for tutoring services in Lafayette, LA. Our tutoring classes:

  • Utilize Eureka Math, which helps connect math to the real world in a fun way that allows students to enjoy learning
  • Focus on improving reading comprehension and expanding academic vocabularies
  • Give kids the chance to ask questions and learn in a one-on-one environment
  • Take place twice a week, after traditional school hours
Sign up for English or math tutoring services by calling 337-247-7191 right away.